5 Super Cool Advantages Of Working At A Startup

Startup culture is taking off in many cities across the country. Especially prevalent in the IT industry, startups provide individuals with outstanding opportunities to showcase their talent to the world. Although big MNCs are great to work for, startups come with a bundle of advantages too. Since I am working for one, I will be able to tell you guys out of the experience. Read on to find out more.

1. Flexible work times

Startups are very flexible when it comes to most things. There is usually no clock in hours at a startup. People can come at any appropriate time and start working. Also, if you’re done with work early on some days, you do not have to stay back and wait for your time to pass. You can sign off and leave, unlike most MNCs where you do not have that opportunity.

2. No dress code

So, a lot of us have the impression that going to work involves dressing yourself up in formals pants and tightly ironed shirts every morning. Boring right? Not anymore. Most startups I have come across have the policy of no dress code. Of course you are expected to dress appropriately, but comfortable at the same time. So, do not throw away your favorite ripped jeans, or the round neck band t-shirts you own or your funky shoes and accessories. Some companies are so flexible that even shorts are a thumbs up for them.

3.Use your own laptop

It is exhilarating to know you can use your own laptop to work at office, right? Startups provide you with that opportunity too. You know your gadgets better and hence it is easy to setup new software on, that. Also, your playlist is intact and you can listen to your favorite music while working too. In case you want to continue work from home, you can do that as well because all your work is saved on your laptop and you can resume at any time you want.

4. Play different roles

Since a startup is usually a small company, you get to slip into various shoes and experience roles of different people in the organization. This way you get to work in a versatile environment that will help you visualize which exact field you want to grow in. Many a time, this helps individuals and students experience their dream roles and decide if they are interested in it or not. If they are not, they can always try out something new without a lot of damage.

5.Pitch in ideas

Everyone in the company plays vital roles, and hence, most bosses accept ideas thrown in by anyone. This provides for excellent opportunities to grow especially for budding employees. You can also have one on one meetings with CEOs, CTOs and other people who hold high positions and discuss how you want to take the company forward. Ultimately, it will be their call, but at least, you will come across as someone who is taking a sheer interest in the company’s welfare.

All the aspiring students in colleges and universities who have entrepreneurial dreams should work for startups to learn and observe their different strategies, skills, and attitude. This will also make you technically sound, and you will also be able to put your theoretical knowledge into practical use.

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5 Must-Know Things For Branding Your Business

Branding isn’t about having a good logo, matching design and talking of your brand all the time. Branding involves much more than this… it involves building trust and credibility. You customers must know you and have trust in you. There’s a lot in branding that must know of…

Here are some things that you should do for branding your business the right way.

  1. Be a storyteller: Human beings love stories and that is a business opportunity for you. Instead of selling your product, you must try to sell your story. The story of your brand is important for branding your business. If you want more sales, try being a story teller and sell your stories and see how your products sell like hot cakes.
  2. Work for a cause: I am not asking you to turn your company into a non- profit organization. But when you work for a cause, you allow a set of people to connect with you emotionally. And when some has an emotional bonding with you, he is meant to stay with you and support your for eternity. So, relate your brand to a cause and let people connect with you.
  3. Focus on good design: Branding is of course not about logos and designs only but that doesn’t mean that they are not important. Even for a small courier company, focusing on good design should be an important aspect of branding. And I don’t think I need to talk of this point when it comes to big multinational firms. Good design is the first and most important thing that makes your product sell.
  4. Build your credibility: People want to trust you before they buy from you. No one wants to buy a product from a shady brand even if it is available for fewer prices than some other brand. That’s why it is important to focus your branding initiatives to try and be a ‘household brand’ in your target market.
  5. Customers are the Gods: One thing most of the business owner often forget that everything they are is because of their customers. Your business would die if there was no one buying products or services from you. And your branding has no meaning unless you involve customers in them and pay them appropriate respect and attention.

I have seen many people doing blunders in their branding campaigns even when there are thousands of good examples out there that can teach you to brand your business better. The thing that causes a miss is the lack of knowledge of the basics.

In this post, I mentioned the basics and I believe every business must make notes of these basics and keep them as their guidelines or values. Let me know what you think about it? Was this post useful for you? What kind of learning did you get out of it? Would this post help you to brand your business in the right way?

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5 Epic Mistakes On Your Client’s Mobile Sites

Companies that have seen a decrease in website traffic in recent months and have blamed it on unfavorable market conditions, their production or marketing department, may not have considered that this could be caused by something else. For example, it could be the effect of the “mobile revolution”.

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5 Best Blogs Every Entrepreneur Must Follow

blogs to follow

At their initial stages, most of the startup founders are often found in garages, dormitories, or even at Wifi enabled coffee shops. Now it may sound economical and cozy, but as the startup grows, it need more employees, and more employees need more space.

If we talk about a few years back for now, entrepreneurs, looking for their first office space, had no idea about how to proceed. Now, there is more flexibility and options available in market to help you secure an office space for your startup.

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4 Good SEO Tips for New Travel Website Owners

Whether you’ve been blogging for sometime or you just recently created a blog for your travel agency, search engine optimization is something you need to stay on top of if you aim to reach search engine visitors.

As a travel website owner there are tricks of the trade you can learn and apply which will help you to gain momentum within Google, Bing or Yahoo – that you can then capitalize on at your site. The trick is to learn SEO and how it works so you can drive traffic to your site and gain sales, leads, clients and more.

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3 Startup Loans Options For Emerging Entrepreneurs

Whenever we discuss Startup funding, the primary sources of funding that comes to our mind are Startup Accelerators, Angel Investors, Venture Capital Firms, Incubators, etc. However, we often undervalue or dismiss the idea of common option where you can opt for startup loans from a bank and fund your startup.

There are more than 5,00,000 small businesses launched in the United States every month. Not all of these enterprises run smoothly. At some point in time, most of these companies face financial issues and need the help of a third-party source for raising funds.

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10 Influential Bloggers Who Set The Trend of Problogging

I don’t believe in the ranking system, especially for the bloggers as I believe that if your blog has a good readership, you are surely a great blogger irrespective of your earnings, traffic stats or authority in the niche.

So, today I am focusing on a list that includes influential bloggers but of different styles and themes. Most of these people write about blogging yet each blog offers a different perspective on blogging.

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3 Crucial Tips for Manufacturing Start-ups

While there may be some who claim that the UK’s manufacturer sector has declined over the course of the last two decades, it still accounts for an estimated 54% of the nation’s exports. It is also part of a global industry that contributes £6.7 trillion to the world’s economy on an annual basis, so the marketplace remains extremely competitive and a key engine of growth and urban expansion. It is also integral to the development of society too, as we rely on man-made products and structures during everyday life.

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10 Things that make you less productive at work

The main thing that matters at work is your productivity. If you’re less productive at work, not only you would face the wrath of your clients or manager but also you would ruin your personal and professional life. And I certainly don’t want that and that’s why I thought of sharing 10 things that help me to be productive at work and get more done in less time.

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10 Startup Advice Blogs You Must Follow in 2016

Blogs are an excellent way to enhance knowledge in a particular sector; they provide all the useful insights and also give a peek into the latest happenings in that area. As a budding entrepreneur, you will do yourself a great favour if you can keep a close tab on some of the best startup advice blogs on the Internet.

They will add immense value to your business by helping you understand how the world of startups is shaping up, sharing tips on running your startup efficiently and leading you to a great future. So here I give you a quick listing of the ten best startup advice blogs you must follow in 2016.

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