Creative Ways to Wish Your Customers a Merry Christmas!

Can you believe it, it’s almost that time of year (again)! Christmas is just around the corner which means planning starts now if you want to make the ultimate impression. As much as we get excited about the festive season and all the wonderful things that come with it, it’s important to use this time as an opportunity to show your clients just how valued they are and how much business just wouldn’t be what it is without them.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of finalising work before the New Year rolls in too. But don’t let that be an excuse to skimp on quality and design when deciding how to wish your customers a Merry Christmas. Getting creative with the right printed products offers the perfect excuse to connect with your clients. And in the leadup to the festive season, showing appreciation and spreading that holiday cheer is essential. It’s also a fantastic integrated marketing opportunity to showcase your brand in a stylish and fun way. Here are a few creative ideas to show your gratitude and wish your customers a Merry Christmas this year:

Custom Printed Postcards

Beautifully designed Christmas postcards are a fun and economical way to send some Christmas joy to your clients. They offer the ‘spreading good cheer’ aspect of Christmas giving, while reminding the people you do business with how appreciated they are. Instead of sending the generic Christmas cards to your clients, do something a little different with custom printed postcards.

Like generic cards, you still have the opportunity to add your Christmas message and incorporate smart business branding, but in a sleek single or double sided postcard package instead. These postcard designs are printed professionally and come with the added benefits of being more economical and cost-effective than generic Christmas cards. And most of all, they show your clients you’re thinking of them during the festive season.

Choose the Right Message

It’s important to word your message the right way for clients and business partners. As much as spreading the Christmas joy is great, you still want to remain professional and choose a message that reflects your brand too. Holiday wishes should be kept formal, but also express gratitude for the working relationship you share. Be mindful that not everyone celebrates Christmas either, so wishing a client ‘Happy Holidays’ as opposed to ‘Merry Christmas’ may be suitable in some cases.

Keep in mind the client or business partner you’ll be sending the message to as well. Sometimes short and sweet is best, other times a longer or more personalised message is called for. Here are a few examples to inspire you:

  • Wishing you a wonderful holiday season! We’re so glad to have you as a client and wish you all the best in the coming year.
  • As we look back upon the past year, we would like to acknowledge those who have helped shape our business. Thanks for a great year and we wish you all the best for the New Year.
  • Season’s Greeting from the team at (company name). May you have a spectacular break and New Year!
  • It’s been a great year working with you and for you. Have a happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year.
  • Merry Christmas! We appreciate your business and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship for many Holiday Seasons to come.

Colour Therapy Books and Notepads

Most of us are familiar with the colour therapy book craze. It doesn’t matter how old you are or whether you want to admit it or not (c’mon now, be honest!), colouring in books are VERY therapeutic. And they’re not just for kids. Why should they have all the fun, anyway! Think outside the box for this year’s Christmas and check out these colour therapy books and notepads. You have the option to customise either option with your business logo and can include a small Christmas message to your clients inside the front cover too. Colour therapy is proven to have many benefits and offers the perfect excuse for customers, business partners (and you) to disconnect for a little while.

Say Merry Christmas… On a Bottle of Wine

After all, it is the festive season! If you’ve done the generic Christmas card thing for a few years now, chances are your clients are craving something different. Tyler’s Vineyard in the Swan Valley has a pretty cool thing going on. You can purchase any of their wines which includes a FREE label making service. Get a team photo with your holiday message and have it printed on a bottle of delicious vino to show your appreciation. If you don’t have an appropriate team photo to use (and make sure if you get one, it’s professional enough), you can have your business logo with the Christmas message instead.

Regardless of which creative idea you choose to wish your clients with for Christmas, make sure you put the time and effort into ensuring the design is quality. From a printed postcard greeting to a bottle of vino, you want to make a lasting impression and connect with your clients. Which ones will you be considering for your people this year?

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Content Marketing 101: How to Promote Your Brand With Guest Posts

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to build a strong brand for your business. While there are dozens of strategies you can use to achieve your goal, the most effective is a guest posting strategy.

While it’s important to populate your own website with engaging, authoritative content, it’s just as important to share your content with other websites in order to promote your brand as an expert in your chosen field.

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International SEO and Marketing

How to become an expert in international business without ever leaving your bedroom

If you can drive international traffic to your website, you are doing something right. It is very unlikely that any business, big or small, won’t have a website and by getting potential customers to that website is a very powerful tool. And so SEO was born. A whole professional dedicated to optimizing a website to help drive traffic from Google and other search engines. However, if you want to really progress your business to the next level, international SEO should be considered.

With comprehensive travel networks around the world, it is not unrealistic to create a whole business that is simply just a website. No shop required, limited overheads needed, just the ability to bring in traffic… And what if this traffic comes from all around the world? Well, you’re onto a winner!

So how can it be done? Is there a magic answer?


Just like a traditional business, international SEO is actually very simple in its principle. Google wants to reward businesses that it thinks people want to see in the search results. If my business doesn’t sell clothes and doesn’t ship to Sweden, why would google want Swedish customers seeing my website on the first page of Google when they search. They don’t. So before you go off and try to become an SEO expert, make sure you have a business model.

One of the first things to consider is language/translation. Get native speakers to translate things and make sure you’re using the right type of language. Once you’ve done this, you need to focus on the cultural adaptation of your business. What is working in the local region? This is where vigorous research is needed. The businesses that are successful are the ones that understand their customer’s needs. Don’t assume you know what a Japanese single mother spends her disposable income on – you need to make decisions based on facts and research. This doesn’t have to be a chore, this can often be a fun part of the process and often open your eyes up to new opportunities as well.

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How to Build Trust Authority with Google

How to Build Trust Authority with Google

The basis of any great relationship must start with trust. If you want to succeed in SEO, you need to work hard to gain Google’s trust first. Building any valuable relationship, whether in person or as an online brand, requires the core component of trust to work effectively. And unfortunately, it’s not something that just happens overnight.

There’s a common misconception that SEO is simply about doing the least amount of work for the greatest initial return. And this is where it can get a pretty bad rap, with black hat SEO companies using dodgy link building strategies to get “results”. The truth is though; if you want your website, business and brand to rank well in the organic Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) – you need to do the hard yards first. And that takes times, skill and effort. The process is a long one, and slow and steady wins the race. With the right tools and best practices though, you and Google can (almost!) become best friends.

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Engage Customers Through Your Blog

Most blogs are boring, especially business ones. There is no polite way of saying it.

A business selling carpets have been told that they should start blogging. So they write a blog that is very technical and over most people’s heads. This doesn’t engage their customers, in fact, they won’t bother even reading it. The majority of corporate blogs read like product information sheets. They can often be too salesy and the company thinks it’s a great way to promote their products even more.

This is why many businesses don’t have successful blogs. And this is great news for you, as you can take advantage of this resource. If done well, a company blog is a powerful inbound marketing tool… bringing traffic in. If your products are good, then these leads will turn into paying customers. It’s as easy as that!

However, other independent blogs go the other way and just sound like the world’s most boring diaries instead. They aren’t employed by anyone and have a tendency to include too much irrelevant info. In today’s world, you need to engage your audience very quickly or consider them lost. This has led to people focusing on content marketing and investing in thought-provoking content that will delight potential customers.

When writing a blog, always consider what’s in it for the reader. If the article is just very generic or boring and doesn’t excite the reader then your blog won’t do well. Don’t try and post 10 articles every day and rush them. Instead, aim for a couple of very high quality articles each month. Spend a day researching and gathering information and look to combine this data with great visual pictures. An article doesn’t have to be writing (although it helps if trying to rank in google) as pictures and videos can convey your point in an easy-to-digest manner.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort and a blog can be your secret weapon so what are you waiting for? Start blogging today!

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Save Money Buying Products From the USA

One of the biggest freight challenges small business owners are facing today is the Freight Costs when buying products from the USA.  Often US companies will not ship to Australia or will charge exorbitant freight prices. In today’s 60 Second Business Quick Tip we will show you a way to overcome this problem and save money on buying from the USA with a specialist service from Australia Post!

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Is video the ultimate platform?

Facebook has been on the cutting edge of social for many years now. With billions of users and advertisers paying millions every day, this is certainly a platform that should be taken notice of. Their latest move sees them take on Youtube in video.

The global corporation is to start paying video-makers for uploading their clips to the platform.

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Critical Factors to Consider Before Designing a Website

Designing a website is a fascinating process even though it comes with its own challenges. First, you need to remember that your site is going to be hosted on a platform that already has billions of other websites. Additionally, the billions of sites that are already there alongside others that will come afterwards will be competing to get the attention of the same visitors you are targeting. These facts combined mean that the most important considerations need to revolve around its visibility in the eyes of users since your main reason for creating the website is to enable people to visit it. One of the factors you have to consider is its safety, which means you will need to install SSL certificate. With this in mind, we welcome you to remain with this post to learn more about other critical factors that can affect the effectiveness of your website.

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3 reasons to invest in Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the hottest ways to get your brand in front of a massive audience. It is rapidly expanding and attracting more businesses to implement this strategy as part of their marketing campaigns. Yet, there are still brands that aren’t on board yet as not all are familiar with the benefits of this recently popular marketing strategy.

I want to highlight three reasons why influencer marketing, without a doubt, needs to be a part of your marketing strategy.

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