How To Deliver A Perfect Selling Pitch?


I have been trying to restrict my work towards one topic this week – Set up an Online Business. Once you know what you need to sell, be it a product or service, you must work your ass off to prepare a perfect selling pitch. But how the hell a simple combination of words describing what you do and what you have to offer to your customer become ‘perfect’?

Here’s how you can convert your simple ineffective selling pitch to a perfect selling pitch that can never be resisted.  Your selling pitch should be so good that your customers act as if you have bound them under a magical spell and come to you and buy what you’re selling. Here’s how you can make it REAL!

  1. Make it a conversation: did you ever like the lectures in your class? The long one-hour preaching is good enough to make you sleep and you can’t really do business while sleeping. Right? You need to make your customers interested in what you want to say. You need them to talk more than you do. Ask them questions. Beware! Twist your questions in such a way that one – it has an answer in either a yes or no, two – the answer always comes out to be what you want. Of course, such manipulations of words take time but you shouldn’t step on the ground before you get this done.
  2. Relate it to the customer: Do a thorough research about the needs and preferences of your customers. For example, I once represented an organization that provided the college students with an opportunity to gain valuable extra-curricular experience. In order to sell my product, I needed to relate it to what college students mostly aim for – Campus Placements. Once I understood that, my selling pitch was completely about getting them placed. And it worked like magic! You need to understand what your customer wants and blend your product in it in some way or the other.
  3. Keep it simple: Don’t try to be a Shakespeare with your selling pitch. The simple it is, the better it is. You need to explain even the most complex part of your business as if you’re talking to a kindergarten student. Get into the details but they must look as smooth as silk.
  4. Keep it short: Let’s say there are two competitors who are given a chance to present their business ideas. The number 1 is given 5 minutes while the number 2 is given 10 minutes to explain. Who do you think would deliver a better performance and has high chances of success? It would undoubtedly be number 1. Why? Because he took less time to explain. Less time also implies wiser choice of words. Human beings lose interest in a thing very quickly. It is difficult to make them stick till the end. It is better if you finish off before they start getting bored.
  5. Call to action: Maybe you’re delivering your selling pitch to the richest & wisest person in the world, but still you need to treat him like a child. Spoon feed him of what you want him to do once you stop speaking. If you have successfully implemented the last four points, the client would already be under a magical spell and would resonate to what you’re offering. Make sure you use this golden chance effectively. A call to action in simple and clear words is must.

Now you know how to deliver a perfect selling pitch. Don’t you? Go on… Start practicing. Remember! Keep it short and simple.

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5 Firsthand Tips for a Junior Marketing Specialist

tips for a junor marketer

I am a marketing specialist. For some people this doesn’t mean much, for others it means nothing. To be honest, at the moment I applied for the position, it was a little blurry for me as well.

Marketing specialist is a general term and could refer to many specific types of specialists including sales managers, promotional managers, advertising representatives, public relations specialists, online marketing experts, etc., in some cases more than one of these types.

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5 Signs You’re Ready To Hire Your First Employee

come in we're hiring

Hiring your first employee can be scary. You’re (usually) putting trust into somebody you haven’t got much of any working history with to complete tasks that are essential to your company’s operations, and you’re forking over hard-earned cash in return without 100% certainty on whether or not that person will realistically deliver what you need. A scarier scenario is hiring somebody for a job you need done that you don’t have any understanding of at all, and therefore can’t do nearly as detailed of quality assurance in the early days.

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5 Super Cool Advantages Of Working At A Startup

working for a start-ups

Startup culture is taking off in many cities across the country. Especially prevalent in the IT industry, startups provide individuals with outstanding opportunities to showcase their talent to the world. Although big MNCs are great to work for, startups come with a bundle of advantages too. Since I am working for one, I will be able to tell you guys out of the experience. Read on to find out more.

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10 Influential Bloggers Who Set The Trend of Problogging

I don’t believe in the ranking system, especially for the bloggers as I believe that if your blog has a good readership, you are surely a great blogger irrespective of your earnings, traffic stats or authority in the niche.

So, today I am focusing on a list that includes influential bloggers but of different styles and themes. Most of these people write about blogging yet each blog offers a different perspective on blogging.

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3 Crucial Tips for Manufacturing Start-ups

While there may be some who claim that the UK’s manufacturer sector has declined over the course of the last two decades, it still accounts for an estimated 54% of the nation’s exports. It is also part of a global industry that contributes £6.7 trillion to the world’s economy on an annual basis, so the marketplace remains extremely competitive and a key engine of growth and urban expansion. It is also integral to the development of society too, as we rely on man-made products and structures during everyday life.

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10 Books That Offer Best Startup Advice

Books are the perfect guide for us in all walks of life. Be it spiritual advice, some new art to be learnt, or an excellent informative guide on a subject, a book is a man’s best friend indeed.

Today I am going to share with you a list of books that are meant to kindle the entrepreneurial spirit in you. These are the perfect choice when it comes to the best startup advice. Read on to know what you should be reading; here we go!

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