Auto Insurance of the Next Decade: Driving Home the Future

The future is built out of uncertainty and there is only so much one can do to prepare for it. Beyond changing life situations or unforeseen automobile crisis, there are the changes in technology and how that can affect what you have done to prepare. The way life fluctuates means any company, insurance or otherwise, needs to remain flexible and help its customers secure their livelihood. But what does insurance look like when basic ideas of who is at fault and more specifically, the criteria for auto-insurance premiums no longer apply?

The change is ahead

Companies like Google are teaming up with the auto industry and reshaping the insurance and outs of driving. For example, what kind of car would you shop for knowing you wouldn’t be the one driving it? Roads, traffic laws, and even the colors designated for stop signals or signs all aim to a human driver.

With the introduction of driverless vehicles, we may have to change our cities yet again. Beyond safety regulations and city planning, businesses that work in conjunction with cars would also need to adapt. For instance, if an accident occurs, whose computer is at fault? Interesting questions arise when new technology is infused in common ways of life, such as the notion of responsibility.


The change is around the corner

In a rapidly changing world where technological opportunities change the business landscape and therefore a consumer’s options, one must be wary of auto insurance companies that don’t reflect your current needs and refuse to address current concerns. While some insurance businesses remain static in their approach to coverage, there are some, such as the Praetorian Insurance Company, that are ready and able to evolve with drivers’ needs.

As mentioned earlier, even the best computer systems can falter and insurance features such as 24/7 roadside assistance and a wide range coverage plans will still be valuable to future drivers.  A company that can synthesize what has worked previously with what service must be offered now is one that will be ready to handle the challenges of the immediate future.

Technology and driverless cars

Who is at fault in an accident determines your premiums and whether you can ever obtain coverage. More importantly, it matters in the eyes of the law and whether or not your insurance company will help cover damages. With the emerging technology of driverless cars, the question of responsibility becomes more peculiar. How would your insurance company deal with an accident when no human was at fault?

We could assume that instead of asking about intoxication or lane changes if your system is up to date or if your car wasn’t properly charged.  Even acknowledging these factors machines and computers are not perfect and do break down. Would this be included in your auto insurance premium? These are questions to be considered when shopping for car insurance in the not too distant future.


There is not perdition

It is true that the future cannot be predicted any more than random occurrences in your life. But, there are clear trends that enable us to prepare for the most likely scenario and we know that driverless cars are more than likely to be tomorrow’s standard vehicle.

Few companies understand this point and when securing your life and preparing for accidents you want to be sure to choose one that can reflect the age you live in.  Tomorrow may be uncertain, but we can prepare today to protect ourselves as well as our loved ones and to enjoy the excitement of the future of driving.

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