10 Books That Offer Best Startup Advice

Books are the perfect guide for us in all walks of life. Be it spiritual advice, some new art to be learnt, or an excellent informative guide on a subject, a book is a man’s best friend indeed.

Today I am going to share with you a list of books that are meant to kindle the entrepreneurial spirit in you. These are the perfect choice when it comes to the best startup advice. Read on to know what you should be reading; here we go!

1. Escape from Cubicle Nation

For those stuck in the rigors of a boring corporate job, and looking to take a plunge into the world of startups, this gem – Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim is a must read. It offers comprehensive advice related to setting up your own business, and also provides handy tips on how to build and sustain it subsequently.

2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

‘Old is gold’ they say, and I could not agree more. This excellent book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey has inspired many an entrepreneur for decades now. Read this book again is what I recommend, even if you have already done it before. The book beautifully elucidates the path to attaining one’s professional goals through 7 timeless and useful habits.

3. The Startup Owner’s Manual

This is another gem which offers the best startup advice to budding entrepreneurs. Penned by Steve Blank, The Startup Owner’s Manual offers some surprising secrets that are essential for the success of a startup. Read and explore this one, and you will know what I exactly mean. Worth going through!

4. Lean Startup

Author Eric Ries, through some excellent examples, has articulated best startup advice for young entrepreneurs in this one. Lean Startup drives home the significant point that innovation is the key differentiator for any business in the marketplace. If you have the ability to innovate and create amazing new stuff, your business will thrive without a doubt.

5. Start Your Own eBay or Amazon

E-commerce has taken the business world by a storm, and this book is the ideal guide for someone looking to venture into the online marketplace. Author Kim Benjamin gives useful guidance on critical parameters such as choosing the right market and building a customer base. Read this if you are someone keen on exploring the exciting world of e-commerce startups.

6. The Fire Starter Sessions

If you are missing that final push when it comes to taking a shot at entrepreneurship, turn to this book by Danielle LaPorte for some amazing motivational insights. Getting the basics right for a new business is important nevertheless, but nothing will happen unless you have that fire in the belly. This book – The Fire Starter Sessions is your perfect companion for giving you the much-needed drive to start your own business.

7. How to Make A Million Before Lunch

Who does not like making money, and very quickly at that? I am sure we all do! So turn to this masterpiece by Rachel Bridge and learn some smart tips to make money pretty quickly. This one sure counts among the books that offer the best startup advice.


This is an impressive work by Jason Fried and David Hansson that tells you what it takes to succeed in business. Defying the conventional ways that we all deem important for a startup to succeed, this book shows you why all of that is a lie. For entrepreneurial success, all you need is some innovative ideas and a productive approach to working. Grab a copy of this one today to get some interesting insights into ways to succeed at what you do as a startup.

9. Founders at Work

Experience is the best teacher, and this book by Jessica Livingston is a perfect example of that. The book features interviews of some of the leading entrepreneurs in the world. Read to know how these people made big, and also, the way they overcame challenges and obstacles. A must read for anyone looking to be a startup owner!


For someone who is a novice in the business world, this book is an ideal choice. Frederick Crane has introduced and explained key business concepts with clarity and precision in this one. The perfect book for the best startup advice!

I am sure I have given you plenty to add to your personal library in this write-up. Try getting your hands on these books, and get set to make a mark in the world of business!


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