10 Startup Advice Blogs You Must Follow in 2016

Blogs are an excellent way to enhance knowledge in a particular sector; they provide all the useful insights and also give a peek into the latest happenings in that area. As a budding entrepreneur, you will do yourself a great favour if you can keep a close tab on some of the best startup advice blogs on the Internet.

They will add immense value to your business by helping you understand how the world of startups is shaping up, sharing tips on running your startup efficiently and leading you to a great future. So here I give you a quick listing of the ten best startup advice blogs you must follow in 2016.

1. Above the Crowd

Site: http://www.abovethecrowd.com

Penned by Bill Gurley, this blog is an enjoyable read for those looking to know in depth about what it takes to be a success as a startup. With information on the latest trends and business models ruling the roost in the startup landscape, this is one blog you must follow.

2. Quick Sprout

Site: http://www.quicksprout.com

If sales and marketing are the areas you are looking to up the ante in, and then this one by Neil Patel is a must read. The blog reveals authoritative information on the pivot that drives business- sales and lead generation.

3. Vero

Site: http://www.getvero.com/articles/

With the advent of technology and Internet, email marketing has never been as prolific as it is in contemporary times. Vero is a blog that will provide some smart tips to help you drive email marketing campaigns for your startup efficiently. A great read indeed!

4. Ben’s Blog

Site: http://www.bhorowitz.com/

If you are looking for both value and fun while reading a blog, Ben’s Blog by Ben Horowitz is the ideal choice. This one offers fantastic startup advice and is fun to read considering that the author begins each post with rap lyrics. This is one of the startup blogs that you need to book mark on your browser in 2016!

5. Seth’s Blog

Site: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/

This is one blog known for its stellar posts that pack quite a lot of punch with the minimum usage of words. Written by Seth Godin, this one is a gem for those who belong to the world of marketing. A must read I say!

6. Coelevate

Site: http://www.coelevate.com/

As a business, it is easy to start. But sustaining and building on that initial success is even more important. Coelevate by Brian Balfour tries to give exciting insights on how a business can grow. Dwelling on his journey and experiences, Brian provides some useful tips for entrepreneurs out there.

7. How to Change the World

Site: http://guykawasaki.com/blog/

Guy Kawasaki, in this blog, offers practical tips for entrepreneurs to succeed. His association with many a startup ventures during his professional journey, adds more value to this amazing blog. Another one that you should follow!

8. Both sides of the Table

Site: http://www.bothsidesofthetable.com/

As the name suggests, this one tries to answer questions from the perspective of both a startup owner, as well as the investor who pumps in the money into the venture. Written by Mark Suster, this is a blog that business people would love to check out for sure!

9. Sixteen Ventures

Site: http://sixteenventures.com/

This is one of those startup blogs, which beautifully elucidate how one can come up with systems which guarantee a great customer following. As startup owners, I am sure you all are on the lookout for ways of adding more customers to your portfolio. Read this one by Lincoln Murphy and you will get an idea how to do that.

10. Startup Champ

Site: http://www.startupchamp.com

Last but not the least, I have Startup Champ for you. This is the place where our team focuses on the best that is happening in the world of startups, and talk of ways for you to cash in on the newest ways to startup success.

I bet you are already in love with these startup advice blogs, aren’t you?

Author: Biz Think Tank

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