3 Hacks to Run Your Facebook Page Like a Pro

Is your business using Facebook for promotion? Is your business getting the most out of marketing on Facebook?

With more than 1.44 billion monthly active users (In quarter 1, 2015), Facebook has become the favorite platform for advertisers. Almost all the brands are placing their bets on Facebook. A large part of their online marketing budget is spent on this social media platform and the fact that this platform is still growing makes it even more lucrative.

While I have seen some “professional” Facebook marketers boast of how they know the best way to work around Facebook, I can bet there is no one who is the best.

Social Media changes so rapidly that no one can be best at it. Every day you have to learn something new to keep yourself in the game. I have been trying to do the same for two and half years. (Yes, I finally managed to count since how long I have been working with my favorite client and managing the Facebook page of his brand).

From being horribly bad at Facebook, I have grown into a person who is doing fairly well with Facebook as a marketing platform. I have worked with different brands and different clients. Some liked my job, and some were too keen to test my patience and ended up working on their brand’s Facebook page by themselves.

Today, I thought of sharing some things I learned while using Facebook. I wanted to share some Facebook hacks I learned if that’s how you want to phrase it (I did that just to get you to read this article :P).

1. Always go for post boost

You cannot run a Facebook page successfully without investing in Facebook ads. The organic reach is so little, thanks to the money minded team running Facebook, which it is impossible to reach even 1% of your fans by just posting an update.

You have to boost it and spend money to get your fans see those posts. In case, you want to reach more audience, you can even do that through paid reach.

Now, when it comes to running Facebook pages, you can either do a page boost or post-boost. I would suggest a post boost for it results in more clicks, more likes, and more engagement during a page boost just adds up to the number that shows how many fans you have.

That number, my friend, doesn’t matter unless you’re there for show-off. But you’re there for growing your business. Aren’t you?  

2. Invite people personally to like your page

I am not asking you to ask your friends. You have probably done that and have realized your friends would never care enough to help you grow your business. Entrepreneurship is a lonely path, dear.

What I am asking you to do is click on the number of likes you’ve got on a post and then you would be able to see the list of people who have liked that post. You would also be able to see an invite button adjacent to those names. Click on this button and invite.

These people will be the one who can become your real fans and bring real engagement. Thanks to Pradeep Kumar from HellBound Bloggers for this useful tip that saved me from a lot of worry full days.

3. Confuse Facebook when posting links

If you cannot resist the urge to share a link in every other post you do on your Facebook page, you need this. You need to make a fool of Facebook. While I cannot assure you that it works but I think it does.

What you can do is not post the link as a link post. Instead, you can post the link along with the picture. The post would be a photo post, but it would have a link too. Now, chances of people clicking that link are very less but still, that ‘less’ number matters. You get to send some people to your website without making Facebook think that you’re always sharing links.

I know. You are currently thinking about what difference it can make. But let me tell you that this can improve your organic reach. Woohoo! There is just one but yes, one way to improve your organic reach. Exploit it.

Well, go on and start experimenting with these Facebook hacks while I am going to try to find some more hacks to run a Facebook page like a pro while the so-called “pros” are busy flaunting their outdated expertise.

Let me know if these tips work for you and if you are generous enough, share some secret Facebook hacks you want the readers of Startup Champ to know. I promise I will tell everyone I know.

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