Why Your Personal Brand Matters As A Remote Worker

Even for remote workers, personal brand matters. In fact, in many ways it’s more important – as the opportunities to build a strong reputation are limited compared to people working in-house.

However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Let’s look at why growing a strong personal brand matters for remote working, and the best ways to go about it.

Why cultivating a strong personal brand matters for remote working

According to the latest data from the Choosi Workplace Report, 55.5% of surveyed Australians tend to place similar levels of trust in a company’s brand and on the company’s individual representatives. Close to 23.7% tend to place more trust on the brand, while 20.8% tend to place more trust on the individual.

Personal branding matters clearly matters. A strong personal brand can help you improve trust and credibility in your service, assist with building personal and professional connections, gain confidence as well as a sense of authenticity, and make a genuine impact on your industry.

For remote workers, building a strong personal brand becomes even more important. Naturally, you won’t be around an office as much, so you may not have the same opportunities your co-workers do to connect with others, present yourself and make an impression on your superiors.

But that doesn’t mean your personal brand has to suffer. It’s all about focusing on the things that really matter. This might mean:

  • Making an effort to connect with colleagues and clients.
  • Making your interactions with your boss count.
  • Being more engaged during conference calls.
  • Responding to emails in a timely fashion.
  • Be punctual for conference calls and face to face meetings.
  • Offering extra help and being a resource for your co-workers.
  • Making an effort to get together with people outside of work.

These same qualities are also important for freelancers working with a variety of clients – both in-house and remotely.


As well as building strong relationships, freelancers also need to focus on marketing their services, injecting personality into their brand, connecting with like-minded people, carving out a niche and staying unique with the marketplace.

The dos and don’ts of personal branding

Everyone has a personal brand. But not everyone knows the right way to build and maintain it. Think of your personal brand as an investment – it takes time and effort to nurture, but the rewards can be more than worth it.

To get you on the right track, here are some simple dos and don’ts.

The Dos:


  • Be visibleEven as a remote worker, it’s important to figure out the platforms and opportunities where people can see you and interact with you. This could be on social media, your website, or on industry forums or blogs. Just make sure you audit what people can see or read in order to present yourself as a thought leader.
  • Create good contentBe purposeful about the content you put out there. Make sure it’s planned, researched, unique and most importantly – valuable. Take advantage of social media to communicate your content.
  • Use the right toolsIf you use the right tools, you’ll have a much easier time managing your personal brand – wherever you are. From Google Alerts and Hootsuite, to Canva and Flipboard, there are many different tools you can use for different purposes.


The don’ts:


  • Don’t be unreliableAlways make sure you’re saying and doing the things you offer, and that this aligns with your brand values and promises. Don’t get complacent or cocky – it’s an easy way to lose credibility and trust.
  • Don’t focus on your services onlyIt’s called a “personal” brand for a reason. This means it’s important to show your personality when possible – in emails, on your website, through your blog, at industry events, or in whatever setting that feels right. The more memorable you are, the more of an impression you can make on future collaborators or clients.   
  • Don’t forget about networkingNetworking can be intimidating, but it’s also a fantastic way to meet interesting people, showcase your services and build your personal brand. Simply think of networking as having discussions with a purpose – not some scary, corporate concept.


Ready to build your brand from a distance?

Put simply, remote workers can build a strong personal brand. At times it might take extra effort and more innovative approaches, but the basics still apply.

With a stronger personal brand, you can open yourself up to a variety of new opportunities – both in your personal and professional life. So take inspiration from these tips and start building today.  

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