Five simple employee engagement ideas using your company’s intranet

Need some simple ideas for employee engagement?

Embracing the shift to social-media style interactions is an effective way to encourage collaboration in business. Features such as ‘likes’ ‘shares’ and comments’ have become instinctive, especially to the new wave of millennial employees.  Adopting digital communication techniques in the workplace can enhance employee engagement and productivity due to the familiarity and simplicity of the interactions.

Digital interactions at work are not a new idea. Intranet systems to support internal collaborations have been around for years, however, older systems were clunky and difficult to navigate, due to the heavy design influence from the desktop experience. In addition the idea of a platform such as an intranet for business being used in a similar way to how Facebook or Twitter is used today is not something that would have ever occurred to anyone. The substantial cost of the hardware, maintenance and technical updates made intranet systems unfeasible for small and upcoming businesses, due to the financial strain.

The cloud has completely changed this. Cloud technology eliminates the need for complex hardware, making systems simple to install with minimal expense. Intranet software solutions can work to support business processes and if implemented well, can have a positive effect on employee engagement and efficiency.

1. Make room for fun on your business intranet

Although the office should be professional, a fun atmosphere will help to keep morale high. Having a space on the company intranet for non-work related content is a great idea to achieve this, whilst keeping employees engaged. For example, if your company has an after work running club, why not add a leaderboard? Encouraging competitive spirit can help to support interpersonal relationships between team members – supporting working relationships will in turn support day to day business interactions. Don’t worry if your company doesn’t currently support extra-curricular activities, non-work related content could be as simple as a count-down to the Christmas party. The point of this engagement idea is to get staff talking and to give them something to get excited about!

2. Customisation that encourages employee enagagement

As no two businesses are the same, a customisable interface design can be the difference between an engaging intranet and a barren one. An intranet can be so much more than simply absence and holiday management, your company’s intranet system needs to work for you and your employees or they simply won’t use it. Whether you are using it to share company news, advertising internal job opportunities, or broadcasting individual/ company wide achievements, the important thing is that the system keeps team members engaged and that it supports internal processes.

Customisation isn’t just about the company, but each individual employee. Personalisation and recognition make each employee feel important, which in turn will increase their level of engagement. Some service providers, like Oak, enable each team member to create a personal dashboard, which can anonymous to their individual needs. The atmosphere can help with prioritisation and task delegation as well as an increase in general productivity and improved company culture.

3. Feedback from the people who actually use it

Listening and appropriately responding to employee demands cloud-based your route to creating a more efficient workplace. Of course doing this on the intranet is a great way to kick off this type of employee engagement. Intranet systems make conducting polls and surveys more simple than ever. Say you want to know how staff feel about a new process, you can set up an anonymous poll and collate the results to decipher whether its implementation is having the desired effect. Not only will this allow employees to have their say on the inner workings of the company, atmosphere allows you, as a business owner, to improve and meet the needs of the staff.

4. Communication

More and more companies are implementing flexible work hours and remote working and so employees are in-office sporadically. Having a cloud-based intranet system is a great engagement idea to ensure that the new found casual approach to work doesn’t affect business. Only in cloud-based intranet systems can businesses access shared content/ knowledge and efficiently communicate between projects, allowing the company to operate 24/7 from anywhere on the planet and from any device, thus supporting the demands of the modern worker.

If you achieve a level of employee engagement through your intranet system, foster that by allowing access at all times, and in all places

5. Creativity

Creativity is at the heart of an evolving business. Intranet software allows coming up with new ideas to be a progressive journey, shared within the team. One simple idea shared on the company forum can inspire and grow, resulting in enhanced business development.

Overall, when used to its full potential, an intranet system can significantly enhance engagement and efficiency within your business. You can identify and resolve problems, inspire future ideas and engage with team members on a personal level. Employees who are engaged and involved are happier at work, and a company wide PMA (that’s positive mental attitude) will make for a better business.

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