10 Things that make you less productive at work

The main thing that matters at work is your productivity. If you’re less productive at work, not only you would face the wrath of your clients or manager but also you would ruin your personal and professional life. And I certainly don’t want that and that’s why I thought of sharing 10 things that help me to be productive at work and get more done in less time.

  1. Absence of prioritization: I work for a number of clients and each client has number of projects for me. Now if I try to do all of them at once, it is impossible. Moreover I run the risk of missing deadlines for at least a few of those projects. I had to learn the lesson of prioritization the hard way but you don’t have to do that. Just listen to me! Never sit at your desk without creating a priority list of your day’s tasks and I bet you would see a boost in your productivity at work.
  2. Bad health: Do you think I could have written this article if my back was aching like hell? Any state of illness can create a big hindrance in your work. Did I really need to tell that to you? In order to be productive, you need to maintain good health. Go for a walk, join the gym and stay healthy.
  3. Checking emails: I used to waste at least one hour a day while checking emails. No matter if I had a new one in the mailbox or not, it became customary to check emails every hour while I was working. Why? It takes just a minute. Right? This minute spent does convert into an hour by the end of the day and I am sure it is the same with you. Stop doing it. Check your mails twice a day. That’s it.
  4. Multitasking: If I say that the topic –‘multitasking makes you less productive at work’ is breaking the internet, I won’t be totally wrong. Multi tasking does decrease your productivity. Try focusing on one thing at one time and see how you improve at work.
  5. Not pampering your own self: Oh! This is something everyone knows deep down in his heart but fails to accept. We are all self obsessed and our body barks for our attention. When we give it, it allows us to do everything we want but the moment you stop pampering yourself or caring about yourself, your performance at work is bound to degrade.
  6. No or least physical activity: Sitting in office all day long can be injurious to your health and work. After every hour, go for a stroll. This would refresh your mind and make you work better.
  7. Checking Social media updates: People like me who do social media marketing for a living always consider this activity a ‘work’. But it isn’t. Checking your social media updates every hour harms you in ways you cannot think of. Don’t do it.
  8. Over thinking: stop worrying about whether your clients would like the presentation or not, stop worrying about future of your business. Just stop thinking of everything and concentrate on the work you’re doing right now. Read.
  9. Stress or arguments with people you love: This is one of the main things that make you less productive at work. If you’re not happy with your personal life, affect shows on the professional front as well. Keep a balance and keep both your wives happy.
  10. Working continuously: You might think you don’t need a break but your body does. So, after every hour or so, give yourself a break. Close your eyes, meditate, walk around and or take a power nap. Just stop working!

These 10 tips help me tackle the being ‘less productive at work’ syndrome. And I believe it would help every person who is working on his/her passion. You do want to give your best when you’re doing what you love but such productivity tips are highly important to actually make that possible.

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