4 Good SEO Tips for New Travel Website Owners

Whether you’ve been blogging for sometime or you just recently created a blog for your travel agency, search engine optimization is something you need to stay on top of if you aim to reach search engine visitors.

As a travel website owner there are tricks of the trade you can learn and apply which will help you to gain momentum within Google, Bing or Yahoo – that you can then capitalize on at your site. The trick is to learn SEO and how it works so you can drive traffic to your site and gain sales, leads, clients and more.

Below we look at four basic SEO tips for new website travel owners, that you can apply today and reap benefit in future. If you have questions on any of these tips, let us know by leaving a comment right below the article.

1. Do Keyword Research

One of the most important aspects to search engine optimization is keyword research. Without it, you’re driving a car with a blindfold on not knowing what others are looking for and how you can best steer them to your site. Once you do keyword research, you will then know what to write about and what people are looking for as it pertains to your specific niche.

How do you learn or do keyword research? You start by going to online marketing forums, visiting blogs and by reading magazines dedicated to the topic. There is no shortage of SEO centric properties on the web, do a search for “SEO blog” and you’ll be greeted with plenty of suggestions. You have to dedicate some time to this topic as it is crucial to your site’s success. You can also take a class from a nearby college or go online and search for SEO class, SEO webinar, SEO workshop, etc.

2. Interlink To Old Posts Every Chance You Get

In the web, it is important to link out to as many other sites and bloggers as you can. However it is also good practice to link to your own site by linking old articles to new ones. For example, let’s say today you wrote an article on “travel beaches in Hawaii” and tomorrow you plan on writing about food trucks in Hawaii, you would want to interlink your new article with the one you wrote yesterday and so on.

Whenever you find a similar theme from one article to another, be sure to link to the articles on your website or blog. However the articles need to be related somehow, if you write on “5 Pet Friendly Hotels in Texas” yesterday and today you plan to write on “4 Glorious Food Trucks in Chicago” – you would NOT interlink these two as they are not related in nature. Yes, they are both about travel but still not related enough in topic to link them. Does this make sense? Let me know in the comment area if you have any questions.

3. Use An SEO WordPress Plugin

If you happen to use WordPress as your blogging platform, then try one of the readily available and free SEO plugins on the web. One of the most popular is called All In One SEO and this plugin essentially automates many search optimization functions in your website or blog. The creator of the plugin does a good job of explaining how it works and what it does. We suggest hitting YouTube and typing in All In SEO for a good detailed and visual guide of this very cool (and useful) plugin.

4. Join An SEO Community

When you have lots of questions and or need rudimentary help with a topic as big as SEO, one of the best things you can do is to invest in a community. This can be a free or paid community, but make sure it is on topic. It can also be about the overall niche which in this case is web marketing, online marketing, website marketing, etc.

Try a Google search for “seo forum” or “online marketing forum” and see what good places it takes you to. When you find a community you feel comfortable with, become a contributing member and feel free to ask questions and get heard.

In time, you will get your various questions answered and become good friends with other community members. You can alternatively create a group or forum yourself and ask other website travel owners to join – so you can learn from each other.

SEO is not as complicated as some make it out to be, however there are guidelines to learn and apply that when executed properly – are traffic gold. I am sure these SEO tips would help you in making your travel blog SEO friendly and enjoy good amount of organic traffic. Let me know what do you think!

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