5 Reasons Why Instagram Marketing Is The Next Big Thing

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networking sites at present but it seems like businesses are quite doubtful when it comes to using instagram marketing to make more sales or increase their customer base. When you run a business that benefits from visual communication, like designer brands or luxury accommodation then Instagram can work very well.

Suzanne Harward and Sand Dunes Resort are 2 clients that come to mind that have benefited from Instagram marketing.

Maybe things like, the inability to generate leads directly through the platform or the fact that it might end up like Facebook which now focuses only on emptying the pockets of advertisers, are pushing you away from instagram marketing but here are some points that would convince you to refocus your marketing strategy and take instagram as a serious marketing tool.

  1. Greater organic reach: Let’s talk of the most important thing first. Why brands were able to make it BIG on facebook without spending any money in the beginning? Because of the organic reach. But changes in algorithms on Facebook made it impossible for brands to reach the audience with paying money. Such a thing doesn’t happen with instagram for now. There are no algorithms that might filter your content. It works in real time and gives you full opportunity to reach your fans.
  2. Higher rate to interaction: The rate of interaction on instagram is much higher than other social networking sites. According to my own research with the two brands I work with, the people from age group 13-21 engage the most on social media sites. And luckily, maximum active users of instagram belong to the same age group. So, if your target audience is from 13-21 age group, you are going to be the next instagram star.
  3. Free to use: all you need to do to make the most out of your instagram marketing plan is to post photos, cool photos. There is no need to boost your posts to make them reach to biger audience. Correct use of hashtags and good images is the only cost you need to pay for using instagram. Yeah! It is FREE.
  4. Option to analyze: there are several apps available these days like iconosquare that help you analyze the results of your marketing efforts on the site. You can check out what kinds of posts are working, what kind of audience likes your content and much more in a very easy and understandable manner.
  5. Sponsored advertising coming up: If you’re a newbie in marketing, you would prefer not to use this option. Maybe. But if you’re running a big marketing campaign, you would want to spend some money to get greater results. If that’s the case, it is even more important to start with instagram marketing right now because instagram has already announced that it would be coming up with the sponsored advertising option on its platform. Better master how to use the platform before the update rolls out.

All in all instagram can be your next big bet and bring you a lot of results and leads, if done right. But to make that happen, you need to start it right now. Start using instagram and boost your marketing results.

Author: Biz Think Tank

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