Digital Marketing – This is Just the Beginning

E-commerce is exciting. It lowers your physical overheads and gives you a lot of leeway in how you want to reach the audience. With increased competition, your digital marketing knowledge-base needs to be constantly updated. It can get a little confusing when the campaigns start to add up but do not fear digital marketing. As complex as it starts to look, remind yourself that the purpose of digital marketing is to make things more transparent and convenient, and it is doing just that.

Digital marketing is indispensable for an e-commerce establishment for obvious reasons. It is also a very generic description of multiple strategies. To get more comfortable with digital marketing, let us break it down it its many parts.

Search and Social

The easiest way to look at digital marketing is by the different platforms you use to advertise your brand. Social media is one and search is another. In these platforms, you have more divisions of functions and purposes. Social media refers to your brand outreach on Facebook, Twitter, and other interest-specific sites and apps. Search on the other hand is all about getting your brand visible on the big search portals (let’s say Google) whenever someone looks for the product or service you sell.

The Role of Content

Search, for example, requires you to create relevant content so that Google (or any other search engine) pushes your ad as a result of someone typing in a query. This content that is created would include web content, description, ad copy, and blogs. The methods to get your content primed for a search engine are collectively called SEO. You can Ensure Wild-Growth in Your E-commerce with These SEO and Marketing Tips.

With Search marketing, you also have the option to directly pay search engines for ads to show up. This is called pay-per-click. Of course, there are strict criteria to keep the playing field fair and content plays a very important role. Ads and products need to be aligned accurately and follow certain rules to protect consumer interests. With pay-per-click, you can get a conversion for just a few cents.

Social Media is the Big Game

Getting a customer’s attention during their ‘downtime’ has many benefits. The marketing process is less intrusive in nature and speaks to the lifestyle of the prospective customer. Social media marketing allows for very niche targeting and also encourages more interaction. Some of the biggest companies have increased their brand value by using social media in very engaging ways. One of the best examples could be L’oReal’s life at l’oreal campaign. Here, employees were encouraged to share organization culture on social media, making the company easier to connect with for the casual observer.

Social media allows companies to break normal advertising norms and introduce campaigns themed on relevant social issues. Dove famously did it with its Self Esteem Project. Irish bookmaker Paddy Power uses hilarious tweets as part of its social branding strategy and they have helped make it quite famous. UK-based furniture retailer’s Pinterest campaign should be a case study in social media marketing.

So Many Tools to Help You

Digital marketing entails a lot of analysis and data. Over a period of time, as you scale up the branding and marketing, this data can be quite overwhelming. Luckily, because of the virtual nature of the platforms involved, there are scores of tools and plugins that can help make your digital marketing more efficient and insightful.

If you need your social media reach to increase and want more details on how to go about it, tools like Sprout Social and Woobox provide information on how well you are engaging with audiences and gives you solutions too. Woobox is especially useful for social media competitions and giveaways.

If you have decided to use paid social media platforms there are tools that can help you there too. Nanigans is a tool that helps in retargeting Facebook ads and it has features to develop your presence on Twitter and Instagram as well. Facebook’s own Power Editor makes targeting and budgeting even more specific and you avoid third-party fees.

For digital marketing to really work for you, your website also needs to follow some best practices. Tools like Unbounce and Hotjar have multiple website features that help you learn visitor profiles and create new pages.

Digital marketing has been a blessing for upstarts and small businesses as they can now compete with the biggest of brands. Find your strategy, scale as you desire so and enjoy tweaking your way towards your goals and targets.

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