Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Dominate in 2018

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The Internet is oversaturated with content. Every minute, 400 hours of new video are uploaded to YouTube and 350 thousand tweets are sent. Every day, more than 2 million blog posts get published. This all has made digital marketing more complex than ever. How are you supposed to build any Google Authority with all that noise? In order to be able to devise successful digital marketing strategies, today’s marketers must innovate.

The year 2017 is coming close to its end, and marketers are trying to develop their own unique digital marketing strategies for success. The best marketers are trying to think beyond best practices and are willing to innovate. Others are wondering whether they should stay on the course they planned in 2017, or adjust. The reality of the business world is that it’s constantly changing and one needs to keep up with trends in order to succeed. To prepare for the upcoming year, you should know the current digital marketing trends and consider implementing them into your existing digital marketing strategies.

The Internet of things and voice technologies

It is predicted that, by the year 2020, 50% of searches will be conducted using voice search, which means that it will have a major impact on SEO and content marketing. Alexa had already been Amazon’s best-selling product in 2016, and purchases of Amazon Alexa and Google Home are predicted to exceed 24 million by the end of this year (and Google will start using personal assistants to recommend products).

On the other hand, a few LG home appliances have Google Assistant installed, because more people are starting to use personal assistants and voice to control their appliances and electronic devices. Both IoT and voice technology open new doors for innovative advertising and marketing, and marketers who are looking for new ways to stand out from their competition should take their time to research the likely implications of IoT and voice on digital marketing.

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Innovate to succeed

In today’s day and age, data drives innovation. No marketing approach works the same for every campaign, audience, or company – what works are marketing initiatives that meet your audience’s needs. Thus, you must know your audience, understand them, cater initiatives to their needs, and use data to determine what fails and what works. Otherwise, if you deliver campaigns without using available technology to target the right audience with the rights ads, your efforts will most likely end up with wasted resources, lackluster results, and consumer ad blindness.
Instead, leverage the power of video marketing (long-form content is noticed to rank higher in search) and blog posts with ideal length and publishing frequency. With data, you can discover if your audience is interested in watching videos and if they prefer 500-word blog posts over 4,000-word ones. Explore and test your own ideas, and develop your own set of practices with the use of data analytics.

Turn customers into influencers

One of the hottest trends today is influencer marketing, but you can take a step further by turning your customers into influencers. Start by offering best solutions for the most common problems your customers encounter, respond to their negative reviews and testimonials, and show that you’re always there to help. Host competitions, reward loyalty, and encourage them to add a certain hashtag to their social media posts. There are countless options, and the focus of each one of them is improving the relationship with your customers. This way, you can turn them into your own team of online influencers. The benefits of influencer marketing are improved brand loyalty, increased traffic website, cost-effective promotion, and targeted advertising.

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Present your company’s important purpose

Companies with a good cause and important purpose are more likely to increase their customer loyalty more easily. Millennials prefer to be associated with brands that care about others, because unfortunate events and tragedies change the way we perceive the world, including the way we spend. Besides the fact that it’s always good to help others, you can create a digital marketing campaign that will raise awareness of a particular problem, showing how much you care. For example, last year’s campaign for Lien Foundation, created and executed by the digital agency Zoogroup, showed the terrible situation in Singapore nursing homes and how it feels to be in one. A Singaporean TV host was invited to participate in the experiment, and all of this got enormous engagement and acted as an instant reputation booster.

Live stream

Consumers aren’t satisfied with faceless and generic marketing campaigns anymore. In 2018, use live video streams to step up your digital marketing strategy and establish a real-time human connection with your target audience. Many social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, now provide the Live feature that you can use to show a day in your company or stream a product launch. Also, you can give an influencer a chance to take your social media account for a live video session. This way, you’ll promote your business and attract more followers.

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The developments in digital marketing are approaching at the speed of light, and there’s no more time to rely on strategies and tools that worked in the past. It’s time to research and implement the leading digital marketing trends in order to succeed in 2018 and beyond. These trends are all about quick adaptation to changing consumer preferences, utilizing technology such as IoT and voice, and improving the relationship with your customer base. By taking time to personalize and innovate, you will stand out in a crowded industry, earn engagement and attention, which will manifest itself as a greater marketing success.

Author: Oscar Waterworth

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