Digital Marketing Tips for The Time Poor

In order for a company to realise success, it’s absolutely imperative to have a well-thought-out marketing plan. A well-rounded marketing plan is one that includes online and offline efforts in order to target the absolute maximum number of potential clients and customers. For those business owners who are trying to juggle it all on their own, including the marketing plan, it can be rather difficult to find the time to get it all done. Digital marketing may be one area that a company makes concessions in, figuring it’s not necessary.

As technology continues to evolve and expand, and more and more people conduct business online, digital marketing has in fact never been more important. It doesn’t matter if the company is small, medium, or large, having a robust digital marketing campaign has become an absolute necessity. As reported by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), online ad expenditure hit $6.8 billion in CY2016 and this number is only expected to grow.

There are so many great tips out there that can help you and your business but in this piece, we have focused on those one-off activities that provide long-term benefits. With that said, here are some useful digital marketing tips for those small business owners who find themselves short on time.

Understand the Importance of Digital Marketing

Before a small business can truly take advantage of digital marketing techniques, it’s important to understand why they are necessary in the first place. Today there is a real push towards an online presence. Customers and clients are looking to do research online regarding products and services, they want to make purchases online, and connect with businesses through social networks and websites. Your website’s authority with Google really can make or break your success online.

If a company’s digital marketing efforts aren’t efficient they can end up having a very poor return on investment, and not see that boost in website traffic and sales. It’s not just about embracing digital marketing but using those techniques in an effective manner.

Get Acquainted with Google Analytics to Track Online Efforts

One of the best tools business owners can use is Google Analytics. Through Google Analytics, business owners are able to track activity on their site and start to learn about their audience. This kind of information is important in that it helps a company to figure out who their audience is, what their wants and needs are, and where the website may be falling short.

The great thing about Google Analytics is that it does all the work and tracking. After the initial set-up, it’s all automated, which means business owners don’t have to worry about doing anything. Setting it up is also relatively quick and easy.

Google My Business Helps More Than You Think

It’s so important for companies to be in control of their online presence across Google’s search tools. This free business tool makes it possible for business owners to edit their company information including the location, products, services, and hours of operation. By providing the most up-to-date and accurate information, customers will be that much more likely to find the business online.

Once a business owner edits the information it remains, and there is no need to keep checking up on it. It will help to improve a company’s search effprts, which means more people will find the business without any effort on the business owner’s part.

Time-Saving Social Media Tips

Social media and social network platforms have quickly become one of the most important areas for businesses to focus their digital marketing efforts. The best way for business owners to approach this area is with a posting a plan. This is a plan that the owner can refer to in order to be sure all posts are made on a regular basis. Consistency is key with social media and the minute a company starts to lag behind in their postings, they begin to lose their audience.

The plan should include when new content will be posted, which network it will be posted to, and when old content that was popular will be re-posted. You can use a social media scheduler like Hootsuite or Buffer. This great tool will let you cue as much content as your plan allows months in advance and gives you real-time reporting on your latest posts. Check out some more awesome social media marketing tools here.

What About Website Optimisation?

Another key area is website optimisation, which can be time-consuming if business owners aren’t aware of the tips and tricks. Let’s take metadata for example. Metadata can prove to be the most effective and time-saving tool there is. By using the right meta tags, a company can easily boost their rankings and click-through-rates, which means traffic will most likely go up on the website.

A meta tag is a description of the page itself. They are meant to explain to the visitor what the page contains. This can obviously help draw interest to the page, which is why the wording used is so important. Again, this is a one-time effort and because it can boost the search rankings, it can help bring about very positive results in little to no time.

Are you using a WordPress website? Most small businesses are. Try using Yoast – it’s a great plugin that can step you through updating your website’s metadata.

Invest in One-Time Efforts that Offer Long-Term Benefits

When it comes to time-saving digital marketing tips for small business owners, it’s best to look for those one-time efforts, such as the ones described above, that offer long-term benefits.

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Author: Ben Maden

Ben Maden is the founder and managing director of Matter Solutions – a digital marketing agency based in Brisbane, QLD. He has over 30 years of experience in his field and since beginning his business in 2000, Ben has stayed true to his mission of getting the most out of the web for businesses.

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