Getting traffic through Google Adwords with a low budget

Google is one of the biggest and the most used search engines in the world today. Google Adwords has been developed by Google to facilitate paid marketing and advertising on this platform. Through this service, a brief advertising copy or a list of products or a video pertaining to the company’s product can be featured on Google’s search results.  For this the company or the marketer bids on specific keywords so that whenever there is a search on those specified keywords, the company’s advertisement link will be displayed on Google’s search page.  It works on the pay per click (PPC) philosophy. The advertiser bids for keywords and any query on Google related to those keywords should target the advertiser’s ad link. Before going for this marketing strategy, it is imperative to ensure following to make it a cost-effective service.

Google Adwords is a very popular medium of advertising today. It is good for the small and medium-sized businesses. There is money involved because the advertiser needs to pay every time a user clicks their ad link. A smart advertiser will hence either (a) select the correct keywords to target qualitative users to click the links or (b) use different keywords to get a wider audience. It is always better to identify campaign objectives before using this strategy. Thus, even at a low cost, you can look forward to great results.

To fit this form of advertising into low budgets could be a challenge and one needs to follow certain guidelines.  The best method is to understand your ad campaign well. Budget is limited and to make sure that this budget is optimally spent, first is to remove the low performing keywords and second, to do away with inappropriate traffic. How can it be achieved? Some of the key aspects of getting traffic through Google Adwords with a low budget have been mentioned here.

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Some Key Aspects:

  1. Correct Match Type: choosing keywords that are specific will result in the ad showing up on the Google search result more often and thereby more clicks and it is possible with a limited budget. One can use the phrase match type which means that queries with that particular phrase only will display the ad link. Also putting negative keywords helps in fine-tuning the search result.
  2. Location targeting: if the advertiser’s product is for a particular region or country or a locality, its best to target that particular region rather than the entire world as it will also help you save money as your efforts will be localized. For example, the food delivery services that cater to a specific zone should restrict their target location to that zone.
  3. Time Targeting: one can run the ads for certain hours and certain days. For example, if your target audience is supposed to be looking up for your type of product during weekends it is prudent to run the campaign for the weekend only and save money. This is also known as day-parting. If you want to run an ad every day, it may cost you more.
  4. Device Targeting: depending on the device that the target audience uses to query about the advertiser’s product, the advertiser can accordingly set device-specific ads. It is also a cost-effective solution.
  5. Tracking conversions: The final objective of using the Google Adwords is to get sales or conversions. Adwords enable the advertisers to track the users that have landed on the advertiser’s site. It also shows details of how many of these users have converted into a buyer of your product so that you can calculate the conversion rate. The purpose of tracking efficiently will help make your ad more effective and you will get value for money.

Lastly, remarket to those who arrived at your page but didn’t buy. Remarketing acts as a reminder and helps to get a certain conversion ratio. Thus, with a small effort, you get to gain more from your investment.

The best way to make effective use of Adwords to drive traffic is to keep a constant check on the performance of the campaign. Adjustments are necessary to fine tune the performance factors.

Author: Roger Mate

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