Use packaging to differentiate your brand

Product design and packaging is an important part of every business. However, not many are aware of the benefits of using packaging to differentiate the brand. With millions of brands in the market, consumers are spoilt for choice but the first thing consumers notice about a product is its packaging. A packaging differentiation catches the attention of individuals in many different ways. The consumers can associate the brand with a specific type of packaging, the color of packaging and lastly, the way the packaging makes them feel. Whenever consumers receive a product, they notice the packaging of the same. This gives them a positive or a negative feeling. Even if the product inside the packaging is exceptional, if the packaging has given a negative feeling, the consumer will not feel positive about the product.

Packaging can generate an instant recognition with a brand and could lead to an increase in sales. Every brand uses innovative marketing strategy to increase sales and to attract the attention of the consumers. To achieve the marketing goals of your business, you can use packaging to differentiate your brand from others. It will help you gain the attention of the public and will keep consumers focused on the brand. Have you ever noted how consumers remember the logos of a brand? Similarly, if you offer them something unique in the same product, like a new design or an attractive packaging, they will remember your brand with the same. They will also remember the color scheme you choose for the packaging of the product. You need to keep the industry trends in mind and ensure that you are not simply following everyone else. You need to ensure that you are offering something unique and different to your consumers. The packaging also has an integral role to play in the merchandising of the product; it allows the producers to be recognized for their creativity and innovation.

Here is how you can use packaging to stand out in the crowd

For every product, there are hundreds of alternative options. There are certain goods which look the same and although they are manufactured by different brands, they look like they have all come from the same manufacturer. Markets are becoming more competitive and consumers are looking for something different and unique from the manufacturers.

  • You can use colorful graphics which are printed on different packaging materials. Since color is used heavily as compared to earlier, it can help the brand build recognition through color. Graphics are fun and have a quirky element to it. You can choose the graphics based on the industry the business operates in.
  • Objects like molded bottles can be formed in the shape of a related object and that will attract the attention of the consumer. For food products, packaging requirements may vary but there are no limits to product and packaging innovation.
  • The current standard is a custom presentation. This means you use multiple products for a single package. This increases the visibility of the product and attracts the consumers towards it. It can make a long-lasting impact as consumers can see what they are getting in the box. This method is cost efficient for the manufacturers who want greater package differentiation.
  • You can use unique messages on the packaging. Printing messages about sustainability or recycling the product is on trend. It speaks to the consumers directly and connects with them on a personal level. You can also use unique messages like, “hope you like your product”, “you are definitely going to love what’s inside.” These messages set a tone for the brand and the consumers can relate to the same. offers unique and exceptional packaging solutions for your business. Having catered to some of the biggest clients in the industry, they understand what you need and will offer a solution that stands out in the industry.

The industry is constantly growing and technology has made it possible for brands to invest in packaging that sets them apart from the rest of the brands. Consumers are impressed by the latest packaging trends that offer a personalized experience to them. In order to achieve success in retail marketing, it is important to differentiate the brand through various methods and packaging is only one of them. Every consumer should be able to look at the packaging and feel happy about buying your product. You will not be able to make an impression if you use run out of the mill options.

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