3 Hacks to Run Your Facebook Page Like a Pro

Is your business using Facebook for promotion? Is your business getting the most out of marketing on Facebook?

With more than 1.44 billion monthly active users (In quarter 1, 2015), Facebook has become the favorite platform for advertisers. Almost all the brands are placing their bets on Facebook. A large part of their online marketing budget is spent on this social media platform and the fact that this platform is still growing makes it even more lucrative.

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5 Reasons Why Instagram Marketing Is The Next Big Thing


Instagram is one of the most popular social media networking sites at present but it seems like businesses are quite doubtful when it comes to using instagram marketing to make more sales or increase their customer base. When you run a business that benefits from visual communication, like designer brands or luxury accommodation then Instagram can work very well.

Suzanne Harward and Sand Dunes Resort are 2 clients that come to mind that have benefited from Instagram marketing.

Maybe things like, the inability to generate leads directly through the platform or the fact that it might end up like Facebook which now focuses only on emptying the pockets of advertisers, are pushing you away from instagram marketing but here are some points that would convince you to refocus your marketing strategy and take instagram as a serious marketing tool.

  1. Greater organic reach: Let’s talk of the most important thing first. Why brands were able to make it BIG on facebook without spending any money in the beginning? Because of the organic reach. But changes in algorithms on Facebook made it impossible for brands to reach the audience with paying money. Such a thing doesn’t happen with instagram for now. There are no algorithms that might filter your content. It works in real time and gives you full opportunity to reach your fans.
  2. Higher rate to interaction: The rate of interaction on instagram is much higher than other social networking sites. According to my own research with the two brands I work with, the people from age group 13-21 engage the most on social media sites. And luckily, maximum active users of instagram belong to the same age group. So, if your target audience is from 13-21 age group, you are going to be the next instagram star.
  3. Free to use: all you need to do to make the most out of your instagram marketing plan is to post photos, cool photos. There is no need to boost your posts to make them reach to biger audience. Correct use of hashtags and good images is the only cost you need to pay for using instagram. Yeah! It is FREE.
  4. Option to analyze: there are several apps available these days like iconosquare that help you analyze the results of your marketing efforts on the site. You can check out what kinds of posts are working, what kind of audience likes your content and much more in a very easy and understandable manner.
  5. Sponsored advertising coming up: If you’re a newbie in marketing, you would prefer not to use this option. Maybe. But if you’re running a big marketing campaign, you would want to spend some money to get greater results. If that’s the case, it is even more important to start with instagram marketing right now because instagram has already announced that it would be coming up with the sponsored advertising option on its platform. Better master how to use the platform before the update rolls out.

All in all instagram can be your next big bet and bring you a lot of results and leads, if done right. But to make that happen, you need to start it right now. Start using instagram and boost your marketing results.

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Why modern businesses are caring more and more about mental health


Many businesses are beginning to sponsor employee mental health programs. This can assist you to attain better human brain health. A fantastic support system is necessary to get from the challenging instances in living and it will help you undertake a much far better outlook on your own life. Modern tech makes this a more accessible option as services like online therapy and counselling are widely available


Your brain health is a critical part of leading a healthy lifestyle. There are numerous things that will affect mental health and there are a few ways you could combat these problems. When you give attention to your brain and be sure that this it is in the finest shape possible, it can assist you to in ways.


Everyone needs to be mentally healthy. When you are mentally healthy you’ll be able to maintain your stress more easily. Stress is responsible of so many health issues. Keeping anxiety levels in the healthy range is vital for a full bill of health. Finding some approaches to nurture your brain health will be imperative to living a long and top quality life.


There are numerous tests for your physical physique and these kinds of tests can explain to you if your cholesterol range or blood pressure is high. It is significantly more challenging to determine brain’s well being. This causes it to be more challenging to check for almost any mental problems in the person.


You may very well not have any definable emotional condition and so you are usually deemed emotionally healthy. There is not any real classification of just what a mentally healthy person looks like which can be frustrating. There are usually many factors that will affect mental health and the human brain health.


You may need counselling to really examine your mental health, this will be when you’ll be able to find the appropriate ways to begin to work on any issues you have.


A human brain injury can make a difference brain health and this can be an area in which someone can benefit tremendously from the usage of memory workout. This can assist you with virtually any motor handle problems and in addition can assist you to become a lot more independent.


Mental health is a critical aspect inside in anyone’s life. If the human brain health just isn’t where you want it, many business are now the ones who look to help. Studies show how much productivity is lost to mental health issues and it is in their best interest to invest in healthy minds for their employees.

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Helpful Information For Folks Wanting Well Being Careers

well-being jobs

Usually when the particular economy is performing poorly, and right now there aren’t virtually any available jobs generally in most sectors of the economy, health careers tend to be different. Practically anywhere an individual go, you will find high spending job opportunities in lots of fields, such as nursing.

There are tonnes of common people, who live around, have different educational backdrops, and are typical different age groups, who will get careers inside the health industry, and this informative article is concerning them, not the particular few individuals who have the certification and desire to attend medical university.

Dental assistants come in demand just about everywhere. They’re health specialists who work in the dentist’s business office and benefit many jobs, such since taking x-rays, getting patients create for tooth procedures, checking patients’ health-related records and lots of other items. If an individual work in this type of environment you will need to be sociable also to help the patients feel comfortable because a lot of people are stressed about planning to the dental office. It’s crucial that you be alert on this job to enable you to assist the particular dentist at all that is necessary, like passing instruments to them while procedures are increasingly being performed. You may get a certificate to become Certified Tooth Assistant with many local community colleges or check out some dental clinic website (eg: www.endeavourhillsdentist.com.au).

Jobs inside the health attention industry absolutely are plentiful nevertheless they do vary with regards to the county and also state where you stay. That’s exactly why, if you might be thinking regarding exploring any health job, you must investigate your neighbourhood job industry. You are capable of doing this simply by looking within your newspaper’s Aid Wanted part, look regarding statistics concerning employment in your local area, etc. If you wish to enter any lucrative well-being career but you are not living inside the ideal place because of this, you may choose to consider transferring. For one of the most part, health occupations are a number of the strongest chapters of our economic system.

Pharmacists are usually well paid out professionals inside the medical industry, and that is another location where career opportunities are usually plentiful. As any pharmacist, you are going to help individuals with medications and non-prescription drugs also. This can be a profession that will require you to record tonnes regarding information just like medical records as well as the needs of numerous patients. Dispensing a bad medication may have life or perhaps death effects, so it is a career with significant amounts of responsibility.
You’ll want a huge education which includes a basic degree plus a certification that will require the passing of your exam becoming a pharmacist. If you’d prefer the notion of working ion this field, start learning everything you can concerning pharmacy universities
and one other thing that get excited about this job. We have got explored a number of the health careers which can be in sought after right today. If you research before you buy you will see a number of others.

Health careers may be really rewarding nevertheless they are packed with challenges also. If this kind of sounds interesting for your requirements, take any look to see what sort of health job opportunities exist locally.

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Find the RIGHT target market


When you are marketing your company, have you thought about who you’re marketing to?

I think most people would just say yes to this question without giving too much thought to is but the one thing I have found that when you dig into this question just a little deeper, people are often very surprised just how little they understand who their target market is.

An an example of this I worked on recently was a company that offers Ski Myoko ski packages in Japan. This company offers an incredible product – they are fully tailored ski packages at ski resorts that are removed from the tourist trap resorts most people end up booking when they organise their own ski trips. They give people a shortcut to the sort of resorts and local ski runs that usually aren’t available to non-native speakers.

This company was Powder Recon, and their problem wasn’t that they didn’t know the best way to find their target market. The Powder Recon snow tours Japan occupy a small but lucrative niche. They didn’t fit the niche of young people looking to ski on a budget – their packages were priced too high for that. But they also weren’t for the people at the expert end of the ski community. This may sound unintuitive at first – these tours are giving people access to slopes that are out of the mainstream, which you would think would be enthusiasts bread and butter. But when you dig a little deeper in you realise that many of these people already know about these places. They don’t need the help!

So where does that put the Powder Recon packages?

Let’s break down what the packages offer into dot-points:

  • They offer a non-tourist experience
  • They give access to places in Japan usually only available to native Japanese
  • They are all inclusive and have the whole trip organised before the person even leaves Australia.

Now let’s go with the inhibiting factors.

  • It is a premium product so it costs more
  • Because it is not a mainstream skiing location their is little built in exposure.

So how did we use this information to identify the right target market.

The ideal customer profile for Powder Recon is someone with experience skiing and a healthy income, but not someone who wants to spend a lot of time doing research for the experience they want. They are likely to be a time-poor professional who are used to having the higher end quality of things in life and know how to spot the exceptional to the common.

Now that has been determined We can adjust how we are targeting our marketing. Content marketing does not have the potency it might in other cases as our ideal customer profile is not doing research online. Same with Adwords.

What we ended up finding to be the most effective? Establishing referral relationships. The target market want their recommendations quick, pre-packaged but most importantly from a trusted source. So we found the people that were already were servicing our target market and began building ties with them.

Stay tuned for the next blog post for how we approached this stage of the process.

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Low cost marketing


What’s marketing a business all about?
I was talking to a friend of mine recently, Len Watterson – who is an amazing piano tuner in Melbourne, but is completely lost when it comes to marketing himself. He asked me, what’s marketing all about? There’s no doubt about it, marketing is a popular buzzword for people in business. As a business owner you know you should be doing it, but do you really understand what marketing is? And importantly, how can you go about it without it costing you a fortune?

Here’s some advice to get you thinking. Once you’ve worked out your customer needs and wants you can be very, very specific and very targeted about what your marketing is.
This is where I tell people to think there are three phases to marketing – review, analysis and planning.

*Can you tell me more about the review phase? *
This is the most important phase. This is where you have to look at yourself, if you are the owner or the person running the business. In most cases the onus for running and marketing that business comes back to you. What skills do you have?
What are you really good at? What are you not so good at?
Then you have to look at the business itself. You’ve got to do a SWOT analysis on you and your business.

What’s a SWOT?
You can do a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) where you look at your business system, your client base and your competitors. Think about all the aspects of your business.

OK, so that’s the review phase, what’s the next phase?
The Analysis Phase is the most complicated part. Here, you gather all the information found during the review, put it up on flip charts or post it notes, stick it around the room and start to ask:
o Where is the business going?
o Who are the target markets?
o Which are the most profitable, easiest to get and most desirable markets? Once you’ve done that, you can say,
o These are my targets.
o What sort of product development do I need to do?
o What sort of marketing should I be doing?

So you start to analyse where the business growth is going to come from.

So what’s involved in the planning phase?
That’s the ‘do-it’ phase. Here you need to look at putting financial goals on each of your marketing strategies. You may have three or four target market segments you’re going after. You may say: “Ok I want five new clients from this market segment who’ll average about $10,000 each. That may mean we have $50,000 to bring in from that area.”
Next you work out the strategies of what we’re actually going to do.
So the planning process is the fun part, actually going out there and doing it. It’s things such as deciding to take an ad. A lot of people decide to take an ad at the start of the process but they’re not really sure who they’re targeting. You can save money when you start to be very focused on your target market and what business you want.

I don’t have much money to spend so do you have any tips?
Most businesses don’t have unlimited resources (time, money and energy) to spend on marketing. Brand new businesses have heaps of time and energy but very little money. More established businesses probably have more money but time and energy is more limited.
Experts say you should put a market boundary or artificial boundary around your business to show where you’re going to spend the majority of your time, energy and money.

Those boundaries can be:
o a geographical area
o an industrial boundary
o an age boundary
o a sex boundary
o an attitudinal boundary.

For example, if you’re selling a product to an environmentally aware group, you might have an environmentally aware boundary. It’s a way of making sure you get the most out of your marketing time, money and energy.

A lot of businesses tend to think they must be all things to all people. Focus on specific market segments or specific groups of clients and then target marketing specifically to them. Most businesses have one message, put it out to everybody and then leave it to the client to work out what’s in it for them. If you have target market segments with three or four types of clients you’re after you’d then tailor each of your marketing messages and each of your marketing strategies to suit those particular clients. That works better for small business operators than this “oh yes I must have all the business.”
Most of us have some clients we like better than others. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more of those and less of the ones you don’t like.

Is marketing a business expensive?
Not if you work out your customers needs and wants. Look at tight market segments and think of what you can do differently to attract a large number of the people in this group. Focus your advertising and marketing to your target market and you can save money.
Effective marketing should put financial goals on each marketing strategy.
Marketing overkill will happen if you don’t tailor your strategies to suit your specific target market. You’re wasting time and money on marketing to someone who isn’t specifically suited to your product.
Use marketing boundaries to decide how to divide your resources. This is an effective way to monitor and make sure you get the best out of your marketing money, time and energy.

If you’re needing help and want to hire a marketing agency, I’ve worked with Chatterbox Marketing Agency in Melbourne and they are great people that get results through a targeted and strategic approach.

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Building a business on repeat customers


Sometimes business owners focus far too much on attracting new business, when often the easiest customer to attract is someone who has already been a customer. If you have a quality product or service and can incentivise repeat business strategically then attracting business becomes a lot easier.

This week we’re talking to Sandra Gray from Sand Dunes Resort on the Sunshine Coast, Sandra has been running Sand Dunes Resort for over 10 years now and has built a strong business based mostly off repeat customers. Every year her resort is packed full and the large majority of them are customers who return each and every year for their holiday.

This makes her marketing efforts so much easier… after all, attracting new business can be hard in a competitive landscape.

Sandra has implemented a great rewards program rewarding people who come back time and time again to stay at the resort, giving them healthy discounts when they return for another stay. This coupled with a great resort, awesome beachfront location and amazing staff makes the customers not even think twice about their next holiday accommodation, they’re going straight back to Sand Dunes.

This is possible with a lot of businesses and far too often I see businesses spending big money and lots of time trying to attract new business when they have a huge database of customers who have previously experienced their product/service who would be easy to get them to come back for more with the right offer.

Think about this next time you’re trying to attract new business and you’re getting out your wallet to do so…

In saying that, this is not always possible for every business. For example working with Future Blinds on the Sunshine Coast, who manufacture the highest quality blinds Sunshine Coast has to offer. They get some repeat business but it’s very few and far between since they’re products last for so long and customers don’t need to come back for a long time once they’ve purchased off them. So although it should be investigated for all businesses, it will be more relevant to some more than others.

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Changing your revenue model to be more passive

business woman sleeping on money bed

There are a lot of businesses who charge an hourly rate for a service, working this way will enable you to make money and sometimes very good money as professionals charge quite high hourly rates, but at the end of the day you’re still exchanging time for money.

There’s an old saying, you’re never going to be rich until you can make money in your sleep, and it’s very true. Sure you might earn a lot charging an hourly rate and if you’re smart with your money you might become wealthy, or affluent, but never rich.

In order to make a lot of money you will have to work a lot of hours, losing work life balance, increasing stress and lowering your quality of life. So I want to talk to you today about a client I’m working with in order to help him stop exchanging time for money and instead working on creating more passive income streams.

Danny Kennedy is a personal trainer in Melbourne, for a long time he’s trained clients out of Albert Park and gotten them amazing results. He’s very good at what he does and works with some pretty high profile athletes.

But as a local personal trainer he is only ever exchanging time for money and he has to be present in order to train his clients. So what we’re doing is helping him create an online presence so that he can have a global exposure and create products where his time is not necessary. Products where the time is invested in creating the product but after that it doesn’t really matter whether we sell 1 or 1,000 it won’t require any extra time on his behalf. We’re also working on developing online personal training programs so that he can reach a larger audience and sell lower cost programs to more people that requires less of his time, enabling him to train more clients at once.

In order to do this Danny has set up a blog and is working on building his audience and his profile online. He’s doing this through creating in depth content resources aimed at helping people make changes in their life and teaching them about his philosophies. This increases his audience and exposure, impressing them enough to sign up to his mailing list where he can then provide more value and continue to promote his different products.

So far he has created some amazing content around how to lose weight, how to build muscle, DUP training, carb cycling and how to lose weight and drink alcohol. All of the information he provides gives a lot of value to the reader, which encourages them to follow him and eventually buy his products.

This change to his revenue model allows for Danny to stop exchanging time for money and to grow a business worth much more than a typical personal trainer. Sure it’s hard going at the start but in the long run it will be well worth it.

This type of thinking is appropriate to many types of businesses who charge by the hour, have a think about your business – how can you get out of the rat race and start making money while you sleep?

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How VolP Phones Can Save Your Business Money

business voip

The internet has triggered a rapid change in the communication industry and the trend has gained momentum and, there is no pointer that this inclination is going to slow down anytime soon. The inception of Voice over Internet Protocol (VolP) has left many businesses to stem from their former telephone methodology. This new framework is offering business with lucre features besides having financial savings that come with VolP.

How VolP Works

Diverse from habitual telephone companies, with VolP you’ll not rely on telephone lines to make a link and disseminate. A broadband internet tie-in such as DSL, cable or satellite is used as an avenue to channel calls electronically over the internet. The recipient of the call is not a must should have a VolP connection simply because calls placed in this modus can reach any cell phone or telephone. This has made it easier to make calls around the globe for at a customary rate instead of extra amount. This also gives an opportunity for service providers to offer a linear rate monthly rate fee regardless of the service that is actually used (local or long-distance).

Although many businesses are now using VolP, there are some which still have the big question of whether VolP will save money or increase cost? The answer is yes, VolP help saves money and, there are sundry ways that this happens. Take a look

No International Calling Fee

Call cost is a prime consideration for many businesses especially if you make calls overseas to speak to manufacturers and distributors. With traditional phone lines, it is easier to accrue expensive cost but with VolP, you will reduce the cost because you will be wielding an internet connection to make calls. The best part is that many providers offer video conference and conferencing allowing you to communicate to a number of blocs at the same time. This can help you save some serious dollars besides enjoying a streamlined communication.

Call Stalking and Monitoring

VolP has features such as call tracking and calls recording which will help you increase your business coherence. With these features, you will be able to track he output of your sales team, inclusive of the metrics like a number of calls made each day and time spent on each call, assure quality control with regular reviews and improve staff tuition using good or bad call examples. You will able to keep your sales team on track and hit their targets each month.

Aerodynamic Employee Communication

A VolP system comes with workflow features such as Company-focused instant messaging, instant see where you can view colleagues and staff that is online and when, and peer to peer chat for an efficient and easier conference calls. With all these, your teams will communicate in time thus helping everyone gets work done in less time.

Operating a business is an extortionate affair; therefore, cutting back expenses is important. Getting your business setup with a business VolP phone system and plan is not only a business asset but it will reduce your communication costs substantially. You will have everything you need at the same time; you’d have reduced your overhead costs.

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How To Keep A Positive Cash Flow


Placing other business goals ahead of your company cash flow is a big blunder as a business owner, and for many start-up businesses, this is a common norm. It is critical that you spend the time to establish your trademark and sales leads, at the same time, it is vital to develop a ceaseless cash flow (amount of cash coming into your business). Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business and if you can retain 10% or 20% of your monthly revenue, you will be able to pump the cash back into your business.

To have a consistent cash flow in your business, here are ways how to

Be Familiar with your Expenses

Several businesses offer discounts to attract and possibly retain a customer, right? We’ve have seen before haven’t we? Some have harnessed the use of a site like Scoopon and Groupon while others have done this on their own. Despite all this, you should offer a discount if you know the cost and the hit of hat you are offering, if not, prepare yourself for reverberations.  As a business person who would like to see your merchandise grow, you should be aware of your comprehensive cost basis, how much you’d theoretically charge, the cost of what you’re offering and the profit gap on your products and services.

Pay bills when You have to

In regards to bills, the idea is that you try and get your outgoing invoices paid as soon as possible and pay your bills when you have to. However, it has to be said that there is an effect of paying your bills on time that builds a positive relationship with your suppliers. If you’re having trouble recouping bad debts then it’s always wise to get a debt collector to help, I always recommend Network Debt Collection.

Combat the Urge to Offer Immense Discount

There are 2 buttons that many business owners seem to battle with “panic and discount”. When discount overwhelms panic, the next step is to drop prices which are the biggest mistake you can ever do. Although it’s good to offer discounts once in a while, make sure you’re still being profitable when you offer discounts. Say after every three months you have a big sale, customers are not fools, they’ll just wait until that time you have a big sale and then will show up.

Encourage Repeat Business

If you can be able to land and retain customers (continuous) and especially if you’re in a volume-driven business like retail, you’d have cemented your cash flow, profit, and growth. In this case, what you need to do is consecrate yourself to see your customers coming back again and again.

Think about how you can make good use of loyalty programs, VIP offers and other frequent shopper programs. They are some of the best tools to systematize continual business.

What else are you waiting for? You have the tips, go for it!

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