5 Firsthand Tips for a Junior Marketing Specialist

I am a marketing specialist. For some people this doesn’t mean much, for others it means nothing. To be honest, at the moment I applied for the position, it was a little blurry for me as well.

Marketing specialist is a general term and could refer to many specific types of specialists including sales managers, promotional managers, advertising representatives, public relations specialists, online marketing experts, etc., in some cases more than one of these types.

I’m also aware that every company follows different business plan and based on that the requirements for such a position and the responsibilities of a marketing specialist vary…a lot. This means that a junior marketing specialist could be spared some of the challenges I faced in my first days at work or on the contrary – bump on some difficulties and problems I have no experience with. That’s why the tips mentioned below are a little bit more general and could be useful in both cases and even for people at different positions.


1. Learn to manage your time 

I can bet this is not the first time you’ve been advised about time management and there is a reason for that. In fact many reasons. For a start ¬†– multitasking is a myth. Doing many things at the same time brings a lot of risks and usually ends up with bad results. As a marketing specialist for a small rug cleaning company I have many and different tasks to complete every day. It is just a part of the job. Most of the tasks require attention to detail, calculations or full focus. Any attempts to deal with several of them at the same time lower the quality and causes mistakes. Low quality and mistakes cost money so saving several minutes is actually more expensive and brings no benefits.

So…Give yourself time to understand and execute every task according to the requirements. Make a plan for your workday. Use the power of scheduling and you won’t be disappointed from the results. I guarantee.


2. Prioritise

Even a master in time management will not succeed without clear priorities, especially when we talk about marketing. In this always-changing world every day something pops up – a new task because of a great new idea, a report that needs to be done ASAP, unplanned problems or unfortunate situations. The only solution here is to sort the tasks due to their importance and start dealing with them without any delay. If you are not able to make the list yourself, ask your mentor or manager to give you a hand or make a quick research to help you understand the main points and determine the main goals. Then just keep up to the list and you’ll see yourself how much easier the things will go.


3.Do not be afraid to ask question

Two things I want to say here: There is no stupid question and you’ll get no answer if you never ask the question. In my first days at work I felt like I’m annoying like a bug bite. I didn’t want to bother my colleagues with questions I thought not important or simply dumb. But I asked anyway. And it saved me from many mistakes, helped me find my place in the office faster and I’ve actually learnt a lot of things from very short and simple answers. The key is in the questions. Of course you need to listen to the answers as well. Asking the same question a dozen of times is just a waste of time as with questions and answers the quantity is not the thing that matters. What’s more…answers of some question are a great addition to the basic training. People usually don’t keep knowledge for themselves on purpose. They could just not know where are the boundaries of your area of expertise or what exactly you need to know. So don’t worry and don’t be afraid to ask. If you choose your questions well you can get yourself a gold mine of useful answers.


4.Try to find the answer yourself

As I said there are no dumb questions but… there are lazy people. It’s true that it’s easier to ask than to search for an answer. It is quicker as well. However sometimes the answer is just a couple of clicks away or right in front of you in the guides or training materials. I’m not telling you to spent hours digging for information online or in the big books. Choose your battles and your searches. Once you discover your way to find information you need by yourself, life and work will become a lot easier. I’ve made the conclusion that usually I’m not the first one to face certain situation or a problem and I don’t need to be a genius to find a solution. In the most cases people have already found one or even several possibilities. So this is not only everything needed to get out of a difficult situation but also an opportunity to avoid mistakes and choose the best possible option. Even in completely unique situations you can always find fresh ideas, hints and inspiration. I’ve learned that knowing how to find the information I need is more important and way more useful than knowing everything by heart. We simply cannot know everything and… who needs that in the era of google and internet. We have all the knowledge on a plate.


5.Trust your skills

There is no point of underestimating yourself. Focus on the things you know and you can do well. There is nobody to know you better than yourself and you can use this as your advantage, always. With some practice you’ll learn the right way to complete certain tasks but if we speak about first week at work sometimes is better to do the things your way, the way you know you won’t mess up. If in your job you need to follow instructions, keep up with the guides, if not – use your freedom and your skills. You never know, maybe your way is a better option.

Author: Robin Foster

Junior marketing specialist for Carpet Cleaning Experts Melbourne, currently living and working in Melbourne, Australia.

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