3D Printing Joins Hands With Consumer Technology

Everyone wondered how consumers will ever accept 3d printing as their own technology and this is because it was always seen to be placed highest on the pedestal of the new age technology.  Along with the kind of complexities were associated with it, the cost too distant consumers from it.

3D printing as consumer technology wins hands down

Many argue that technologies which now have become household names were also given cold shoulder at the time when they were introduced. Furthermore, to back their arguments they have intelligently pulled in some valid points in terms of its costly nature, and longevity. Here are some of the arguments which are enough to convince the opponents that yes 3D printing can relate to consumer technology with equal ease and efficiency.

  • Cost vs. longevity:

    It has always been argued that the cost of 3D printers and its filaments are on a higher side. However, if compared with the kind of longevity it promises, the cost factor tends to get sidelined. What is better repeatedly investing less or invest a bigger amount in a one go and reap the fruits for good numbers of years.  Also, the quality it delivers is not only superior but also remains the same for the longer period of time.

  • Everybody’s cup of tea:

    Consumers who have used it have realised that it is not a rocket science rather can be understood easily with few hits and trial sessions. Also the tools further they would want to use along with it are easily available online for free.  And not only the tools are readily available but also the tutorials and other learning videos are being constantly uploaded by the experts.

  • Saves time:

    Gone are the days when for the kid’s project, one has to run to and fro from one roll developing shops to another printing outlet. It indeed was one time-consuming activity that everyone had to indulge in. However not any more, with 3d printing technology it can be efficiently used while sitting at home itself. All the 3D printouts can be easily taken in just a few clicks. After all, time is money, hence this feature makes 3D printing a worthwhile investment.

  • Provides resolution at the fastest speed ever:

    The speed at which prints begin to roll at from these 3d printers is unthinkably fast and quick. It hardly takes a fraction of seconds to complete the job. It is so efficient that in case some prints are rejected, immediately a command can be given to get new prints right away.

  • Creativity at its best: 

One can get as creative and experimental as possible. This is because the scope and possibilities it contains are wider than one can even imagine. Along with online tutorials, one can create anything, from jewellery pieces to decoration items, toys to party stuff, with 3d printing technology, everything is possible. And if assembling is something that’s concerned, there are numerous assembling videos doing the round. All one has to do, is to search one and get started.

Amazing reach of 3D Technology

Technology advancement has spread its benefits in almost all sectors and has been touching our lives in a variety of ways, making it simpler and convenient. 3D printing is one such technology that has found its acceptance and a lot of use in sectors like architecture, engineering, art and craft and many more. The task that used to take a lot of time and effort earlier has become simple and can be completed in no time. The 3D technique makes understanding of a concept easier. Moreover, it has also reduced the laborious task of working on prototypes. With this technology quite in vogue, it is easy to identify errors and correct them immediately which becomes a time-saving feature.

It is this reason and amazing benefits offered by this technology that it has found to be applicable in a variety of sectors.

Author: Stuart Ting

Stuart Ting is the owner of Infinity 3D Printing which is one of the largest suppliers of 3D printers and filaments across Australia. We stock a range of 3D printers that are high quality and efficient. We have also invested in new state of art laser marking & laser engraving services.

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