Brief Idea about jQuery 3.0 New Version and Its Functionality

jQuery is one of the world’s popular JavaScript library. jQuery is a small, fast, and feature-rich JavaScript library. It makes things similar to HTML document traversal and manipulation, animation, event handling, and Ajax much simpler with a user-friendly API that works across a large number of browsers. With a combination of extensibility, versatility, and flexibility jQuery has changed the way that the developers write the JavaScript.

We also have a list of some of the best JavaScript frameworks for dynamic components.

The jQuery team released the full version of jQuery 3.0 with some interesting changes with major revisions. The team has taken the opportunity to make the changes to fix bugs and API that may prove to be valuable changes for some codes. For the web developers, the jQuery 3.0 new versions really provide advantageous as the newer version offers plenty features. jQuery 3.0 is considered as the future of jQuery.

The Web developers use the JavaScript extensively to bring the indispensable functionality to the websites they build. jQuery is one particular tool that offers the web developers a great deal of power and flexibility.

jQuery is a JavaScript library that helps simplify and standardize the interactions between the JavaScript codes and HTML elements. JavaScript allows the websites to be interactive, functional and dynamic, and jQuery helps streamline that process.

Browser Support

All modern browsers (Except IE6 to IE8)

  • Opera: Current
  • Internet Explorer: 9+
  • Android 4.0+
  • Safari Mobile iOS: 7+
  • Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari: Current and Current – 1

Below are discussed the significant changes and features in jQuery 3.0 version

  • Slim build

It is a new feature added to the jQuery 3.0 version.  It is very easy to use the combination of CSS and class manipulation for all web animations. The regular version of the jQuery that includes the ajax and effects modules and in the latest version all these modules are excluded. The new slim build version is about 6k gzipped bytes smaller than the regular version – 23.6k vs. 30k.

  • Compatibility with jQuery Mobile and jQuery UI

With the release of the latest jQuery version, few issues related to jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile has been addressed. If you come across any issue then it can be fixed by using the jQuery Migrate 3.0 plugin.

Major changes in jQuery 3.0 version

  •  jQuery. Deferred Promises /A+ compatible

The jQuery.Deferred objects have been updated for compatibility with Promises /A+ and ES2015 Promises that is verified with the Promises/A+ Compliance Test Suite. Legacy behaviour can be re-established by replacing any use of .then () with the now-deprecated .pipe () method.

  • Added .catch () to Deferreds

The catch () method was added to promise objects as an alias for .then (null, fn).

  • Error cases don’t silently fail

Previously, jQuery sometimes tried to make cases like this return ‘something’ instead of throwing errors. In this particular case of asking for the offset of a window, the answer up to now has been {top: 0, left: 0} with jQuery 3.0, such cases will throw errors so that crazy requests cannot be ignored.

  • Removal of deprecated event aliases

.unload, .load, and .error, deprecated since jQuery 1.8, are no more. Use .on () to register listeners.

  • Animations Now Use- request Animation Frame

On platforms that support the requestAnimationFrame API, which is practically everywhere but IE9 and Android<4.4, jQuery now use that API while performing animations.  This should result in the animations that are smoother and use less CPU time and on the mobile devices and saves battery as well.

  • Massive speedups for some jQuery custom selectors

jQuery offers some custom selectors (like: visible and: hidden) that essentially look like a CSS selector, but are resolved by jQuery selector engine. After optimizing jQuery 3, the result is now 17 times faster.

The jQuery 3.0 new Versions is now accessible with various incremental and functional changes.

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