Write For Us at Biz Think Tank

If you are a writer with something to say about small business then you could have your work featured on Biz Think Tank.  

Biz Think Tank is focused on providing quality content on all areas of business. In particular we like articles that deliver practical advice and insights on how to be more productive, innovative and effective in a professional setting  

If you are interested in writing an article for us you can send the full guest post or a pitch for one to admin@bizthinktank.com.au. Before you get started, please make sure to go over the guidelines listed below.  We receive a lot of articles per week so unfortunately if we receive any articles that don’t follow the guidelines, we will not publish them.

What types of guest posts should you write for us?

The topics should be related to business.  We are not overly picky about the subject matter as long as the subject matter offers genuine value to the reader. Draw on your own experiences and write a guest post for us that you think would be helpful to someone going down the same professional pathway as you.

Just make sure that the topic isn’t already covered on our website with a quick search. We don’t want to be reductive with the content we offer our reader and avoid covering the same article over and over. If you find a similar article on the website consider sending through suggestions on how it could be improved and we will note your contribution.

If you are unsure if your idea is a good fit for Biz Think Tank, send us your guest post pitch, and we can give you feedback on if it might work for us or not.  It doesn’t guarantee we will publish the final product but will let you know it is something we would consider publishing.

We also always have a list of article topics that we are looking to get written. You can find the list of suggested topics here.

How should you format it? What should the word count be?

We request that your guest posts be 800 words or longer.  The exception to this is if your story is mostly based on images and video.  Make sure that your post is formatted well for web readers using bulleted and numbered lists where appropriate and breaking up your text into small paragraphs to help make the articles more readable.

Can I put links in the guest post?

You are allowed to create links in the post you write for us but the links must be relevant to the article.  If they are not relevant or seem to be promoting a product, then we will remove the link or nofollow the link.  It is understood that many writers like to have links back to their website but we can only allow this if it is relevant and does not spam our readers.  We do offer an opportunity for those who would like a promotional link which can be done within a sponsored post.

Content must be unique

All guest posts must be original.  We will not accept any posts that have been posted anywhere else online.  Before we publish on our site, we Copyscape all content to make sure that it is unique.  If it is not, it will not be posted.

Profile Picture and Bio

Make sure to include a bio and a profile picture for us to use on our website with your articles.


Providing images is a big plus. If you do not provide your own images we will include a free stock image on you article but this is not beneficial to you or us, so we highly recommend you provide your own imagery to give your article the look you desire.

Please only send images you have taken yourself or have full right to use.

Time until your article is reviewed

Our timeframe for reviewing your article is 21 days.  If we are interested in publishing it on our website, we will touch base with you within that time frame.  If you do not hear back from us, then we aren’t interested in publishing your article.  Please do not contact us regarding your article; we do not reply to those enquiries.

We may get in touch if we like the article but think it needs a bit of work and offer some suggestions.

If we don’t publish your article, this does not mean we will not publish other articles you send through. We just have a strict vision for the content on our website and are committed to sticking to this vision above all else.

Next steps

If you are comfortable and agree with the above requirements and guidelines, then you can send an email to admin@bizthinktank.com.au with your guest post.  Make sure to include any images, your bio, profile pic and article title.  In the email, the subject should read “Business Guest Post” so that we know you have read all of the above.